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Issue 39

  • Comfy Cardigan
  • Stripy Rabbit

Comfy Cardigan

Please see the following amendments for the 'Fronts and back' of the comfy cardigan.

Rows 55-76: beg with blue yarn work in two-row stripes as before, in this order: (blue, white, green, lilac) twice, blue, white, green; do not cut green yarn Rows 95-96: using lilac yarn rep Rows 93-94, changing to green yarn on last st. 30dc
Row 97 onwards: beg with green yarn work in two-row stripes, as before, in this order: green, white, blue, on last st cut blue yarn and fasten off

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Stripy Rabbit

We have received an amendment from the designer for the 'jumper section'. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Rnd 18: 1ch, (2dc in 1dc, 1dc in 1dc) eight times. 24 sts
Rnd 19: 1ch, (2dc in 1dc, 1dc in 1dc, 1dc in 1dc) eight times. 32 sts
Rnd 20: 1ch, (1dc in 1dc) 32 times, sl st to first dc. 32 sts
Stuff head firlmly, change to white yarn
Rnds 21-22: rep Row 20
Rnds 23-24: using blue yarn rep Rnd 20
Rnds 25-26: using white yarn rep Rnd 20
Rnds 27-30: rep Rnds 23-26

Please also note that because the base is worked as a spiral, the number of stitches in each round is no longer consistent

Rnd 16 of the ears is the final round and the increase should work as for the previous rounds